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It is nothing. I promise. It is done in the office. It takes 10 minutes tops. Take 2 motrin before going. You put feet in stirrups, insert the speculom, and they turn on this loud tank of air - it looks like what is used to blow up baloons at a party. A long silver rod with a "nipple" top is put inside you with some lube stuff on top. It is somewhat cold. It is stuck right on your cervix for 2 minutes straight- and it is 2 minutes of a mild cramping that you feel lessen the longer the rod is inside of you. After 2 minutes the rod is removed for 5 minutes to give the cervix a break. I sat there, legs in stirrups and my doc gave me a magazine to read. After 5 minutes she came back in and repeated the procedure. I think that was it. Afterwards I had very light clear discharge for a week and no sex for 3 -4 weeks. Your next pap cant be done until 3 months later becasue the cervix needs that time to heal. I promise you, besides the cramping during the first 2 minutes, its totally fine. In my opinion, the colposcopy is more uncomfortable. The cryo is fine, it was so fine that I told the doc that it was not uncomfortable at all and she joked saying "so you will recommend it to all your friends?" hahh it was fine and you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!!

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