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I cannot express the relief and excitement that I have right now!! I just got my results back from my first Pap Smear that was after my LEEP. My LEEP was done in January and I just had my Pap at the end of April -- Normal -- I cannot believe it!!! I know I'm not out of the woods can always come back and then there's the worry that what if they swabbed an area that didn't have abnormal cells? I'm such a worry-wart...

I should probably give you all a little background on my story...I haven't posted in a while and have been trying to avoid the boards only b/c sometimes it makes me worry more. But at the same time, it's been an EXCELLENT resource for real experiences and so much knowledge is on this board it's great! I just turned 25 -- way too young to deal with this crap, aren't we all?! Last November, 2003, I went in for my normal yearly pap, expecting normal results of course. I was devastated to find out that I had Moderate Dysplasia after my Colpo/Biopsy. Then, at the exact same time as I was going through this, my old college roommate is going through the exact same thing with Severe Dysplasia (who is now being referred to a hysterectomy but they are going to run more tests b/c she is too young - not all outcomes are good ones but she also never had a pap for 6 years -- GET THEM REGULARLY!!)! Again, I can't stress how common this is - ridiculous. What I don't understand is I remember hearing so much about STD's in health classes and even magazines but the ones that were drilled into our head were herpes, chlymadia, warts (which is a type of hpv) etc -- what happened to scaring us to hell with hpv that can lead to CANCER?!! Why don't I remember hearing too much about this one? This is the one that is scariest of all (with the exception of HIV of course)! And then they tell you condoms protect? They don't protect you from HPV!

Anyway, enough of that, what's done is done - I've come to terms with the fact that I have an STD. Went in for the LEEP in January and results again confirmed Moderate Dysplasia with unclear margins - great - unclear, didn't like the sound of that (at this time I was just relieved it hadn't progressed to Severe). LEEP was a piece of cake. Anyway, since my diagnosis I have been religiously taking my vitamins - not sure if this has anything to do with my normal results now, but I've heard a little hear and there and I figured they're good for you in general so why not? Take your vitamins!!

During my Pap 2 weeks ago (this is almost 4 months post LEEP), my doctor also did an ECC test - I think that stands for something like Endo Cervical Curretage?? Anyway, it was a bit more unpleasant and invasive than the usual Pap, they take a swab from the cervical canal and while he's doing it it feels like menstrual cramping. Not a problem though - I'd much rather go through more than less...better to be extra thorough. I guess if the ECC comes back showing dysplasia it is worse than the Pap (someone correct me if I'm wrong), only b/c it shows that it's being a little more invasive and traveling up the canal. My ECC results came via mail last week and they showed completely normal! This made me feel a little more at ease knowing I was keeping that gross little dysplasia at bay...but I was still awaiting the Pap results. Just got it today and that too was normal!! Even with unclear margins with my LEEP. I wanted to share the good news b/c I know I cherished those postings and would see light at the end of the tunnel! Of course, I can't jump the gun too much....I am definitely not out of the woods yet. This little booger can decide to attack again, you just never know. And, I'm not too sure I 100% trust Pap results. But, I now wait 6 months for my next Pap and will be treating my little friend with lots of prayers, vitamins, and a healthy diet (it's this one I have a heck of a time with!).
Congrats SDCNC! That is wonderful news. What is that your story is exactly like mine (escept I am 29). I went through all the same procedures, results, etc. (even the positive margins). I also started taking a multi-vitamin and think that has helped tremendously. The only other change I made in my life was that I also stopped taking BCP. As I was reading your story - it seemed like you were telling mine. I just had my 2nd post-Leep pap (6 months after LEEP) and just found out it came back normal just like the first one. I don't have to go back for 6 months either! That is crazy to me - considering I have been there every 3 months for the past 4 years.

I am so frustrated with not knowing about the HPV causing cancer before I found out I had HPV. Is it that the medical community just came to this revelation in recent years - or has it always been known? I am willing to bet that is going to change significantly in the coming years. There are too many of us that will spread the word and it won't be a secret anymore :eek:

I am so relieved too b/c I have been putting off having children until I got this cleared up. I told myself that I would start immediately upon a normal pap at the 6 month mark (post LEEP). So yesterday was officially the beginning of my journey to try to get Prego. It is scary - but exciting too. I can't pass up this "healthy" window of opportunity that I have.

Again - congrats on your clear pap! Keep taking those vitamins!!!

Thanks for the congrats ladies! Kmas - hopefully my story will continue to mirror yours with normal results from here on out! Have fun and good luck to you in the baby making department :)

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