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Ok for those who don't know I had an abnormal pap in october while I was pregnant (mild dysplasia), and they repeated it in March which showed high grade changes. Well they did the colposcopy and the doctor was like "well I'm not really seeing anything it all looks good to me." So he didn't do a biopsy he just froze my cervix. I was asking why he didn't see any abnormal cells if my pap said high grade changes but he didn't really know. He just said if they don't see any abnormal cells they freeze and if they do they take a biopsy. So was my pap wrong or what???
Paps are notoriously inaccurate. I had a bad pap and then with the biopsy she only saw mild changes - so she did the freezing of the cervix as well. I wouldnt worry. I am sure the freezing will take care of the bad cells, and if not, then you will get a small procedure. Dont worry yourself.
[QUOTE=preshy7]Paps are notoriously inaccurate. [/QUOTE] :eek: Whoa! I hafta disagree with this statement. Pap smears are simply a screening test designed to catch abnormal cellular changes BEFORE the advent of cervical cancer. Keep in mind that these cellular changes are nearly always microscopic in size and change over time. Sometimes your body's immune system successfully fights off the lesions and cells return to normal in the interval between the pap and the colposcopy. Sometimes the lesions progress up the ladder of abnormality towards cancer.

The difference between your Pap result and biopsy result can be thus explained OR it can be due to human interpretation (pathologist reading pap smear may NOT be the same pathologist reading cervical biopsy...their interpretation may disagree) which is why, in the latter scenario, anytime a pap smear and cervical biopsy disagree significantly that both the pap smear slides and biopsy slides should be read by a disinterested THIRD pathologist. Often times when this is done the pap or the biopsy results are revised.

Remember this: a pap smear is simply a screening test. A colposcopy is a diagnostic test. A LEEP or Cone Biopsy can be both diagnostic and treatment.

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OK, just to clarify, here is what I read to get my information:
False positives. False positives incorrectly indicate that cancer or precancer is present in a normal cell sample.

Between 10 and 60 percent of all Pap smears are incorrectly analyzed. False negatives, which are far more common than false positives, may be reported 20 and 45 percent of the time. A gynecologist or family doctor who doubts the accuracy of any Pap smear report will repeat the screening and perform any appropriate diagnostic procedures.

I was just trying to make her feel better becasue yes, false positives do happen and they are the reason for the "new" types of pap such as thin prep, etc. I am sure if her DR gave a freezing of the cervix, they are hoping that will take care of the cells if in fact they were hidden in the biopsy. I personally dont se a reason to alarm her if the doctor is on top of it, thats all. I still stand by my statement that papas are notoriously inaccurate.
Just to clarify... I DIDN"T HAVE A BIOPSY. He didn't take any tissue from me at all. He just said since he didn't see anything abnormal in the colposcopy he would just freeze the cells.
i had the same experience with the colposcopy. the doctor said everything looked normal & so he didn't take a biopsy. instead, he did another pap test - unfortunately it came back with the same results as the first, indicating a mild lesion in the canal of the cervix (the part the doctor can't see).

according to my doctor, this lesion could be a) simple inflamation b) a mild lesion or c) a moderate to severe lesion. without a biopsy it's impossible to tell. i asked him if he could do an endocervical curretage but he said he believes the results of the curretage are often difficult to read (extra mucus, incomplete cells, etc).

he really wants me to have a LEEP and i've made an appt for one. however, i've also made an appt with a holistic gynocologist one week before the LEEP - just to get a second opinion before i go thru with the procedure. i think i will do the LEEP no matter what, just to be on the safe side. i am 36 & might want to have kids so the longer i wait to do a LEEP, the longer it will be before i can try getting pregnant...

ugh, such a hard decision! no matter what, i'm going to follow the holistic doctor's nutritional advice to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

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