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You don't say what your mother was staged at. The stage of the cancer will tell the course of treatment. If the cancer is a little larger or if the nodes are involved then the doctor will not do a hyst. With some stages the treatment is hyst OR chemo/radiation. Stage 1A usually has a hyst if the nodes are not involved. Stage 1B can be a hyst or chemo/radiation if the nodes are not involved. My hyst was actually due to radiation damage. I had radiation and had some damage to my bladder and vaginal vault and ended up having repair work done and this inclued the hyst. Since the doctor did not see catch the cancer during the previous biopsies it sounds like hers may be in the cervical canal and that cancer is harder to detect because it hides up inside the cervix. It has to grow be enough to extend out of the cervix to be seen. I will keep your mother in my prayers. Find out what stage her cancer is at and then you can see if her recommended treatment is the standard.

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