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Hi Terri,
I had a cone biopsy done in January and it really was not that bad. The afterpains was really minimal and consisted mostly of soreness more than anything. It is an outpatient procedure so you will be out of the hospital within a couple of hours. My procedure was preformed at 7am and I was out of recovery by 11am and home by noon. As long as there was no problems with the procedure then the hospital will only make you be able to drink something and be able to urinate then you are ready to go! Healing time for me was 4-6 weeks of no type of sexual activity or ability to use a tampon. I would say that the soreness and mild cramping really died down by my 4th day post op. You will be just fine, I think the worst part is when you don't know what to expect and it scares you. My doctor's office referred to the procedure as "cold knife biopsy" and that scared the crap out me!!! Best of luck to you and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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