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43, had cin 3, had a cold knife cone, august 25th. I was first on the surgery you, anesthesia scared the heck out of me, just the horror of it you know....egads......however, they came to my cubicle, talked and visited with me, made me laugh, my dr. said a prayer with me, they gave me some versed (makes ya forget) i remember being wheeled into the room,
I remember being totally cool and relaxed, I yawned, someone said "oh, someones gettinnnnggg sleeeppy" really sweet like, and the lady goes,
"Now breathe some of this oxygen" course I knew it wasnt oxygen, but what the hey, I felt okay......well, went in at 7 or so, woke up at 10:15am in the recovery room....said "Am I alright?" to which two kind nurses who were right beside me said "yes you did great" gave me ice chips, handed me back my rosary, then shipped me to another room.....unfortunately once there, I was nauseated as all get out, and sleepy as heck.....once I made it to the pottie,
they gave me the bums rush and off I went, home....before noon.
Pain, mild.....more like pressure of some sort.....anesthia,
stayed with me a couple days....I did feel very sleepy, slept alot for a couple days, no bleeding, only dark draingage....finally had some bleeding a week later but nothing major.....had good results so they say, and will go back for repeat pap in november....
Good luck, I think youll do fine....
as with any surgery, there are risks, but, this one was not bad at all.

The reason they use general is so your body is very can contract your vaginal area without thinking of it during stress and they just dont want that...they prefer total non movement....and eh, I dont think I'd want to be awake

Anesethsia had me scared, but, did pretty well with it. Not as bad as I thought.

Good luck :wave:

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