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I am a 21 year old mother of a 17 month little boy. I didnt have a pap test until i found out i was pregnant and they found mild dysplasia and said they would have to wait to do anything about it till i had given birth because he didnt want to put me in preterm labor. so about 6 weeks after my baby was born i went and had a biopsy done and a colposcopy. results came back with CIN I and i had cryotherapy done. and i had alot of pain. after that i had paps every 3 months and the next 2 were totally clear. whew! then it came back. i had the biopsy, colpo and again cryotherapy done. and the pain was the worst i had ever had. i layed in bed for 2 hours crying and still had pain. i just had my first pap done after this last cryo and it was CIN I again. so i went and had the biopsy and colpo again and i am supposed to go back on wednesday to talk about what step is next and what we are going to do. i will not do the cryo again. i cant handle it. and he is pushing for the LEEP. i know there are slight risks of not being able to carry a baby again. ive always wanted alot of kids but im willing to give up that oppurtunity as long as i know i wont get cancer and will be alive to raise the son i have. and everyone says the leep is fine, painless, but if i had such a hard time with the cryo then whos to say that i wont have a worse time with the Leep? And i dont want them to put me under because that can just cause worse things to happen. i just want to know that im not gonna leave my baby without a mom. im scared to death and need some advice. thx. :(
Hi there Dylsmom! CIN I is only a mild condition- caused by HPV. The cryotherapy is notorious for not curing the dysplasia 100% and recurrence rates are high because that procedure is the least invasive. I am suprised that it hurt you so much, as I had tha proceudre and I thought it was not bad at all. Then again I tool 4 motrin beforehand. The leep is known to be a little more invasive but the results afterward are usually less recurrence rate. Just so you know, HPV is a virus. It is in your body forever and it can rear its ugly head anytime it want to, especially when your immune system is not working at full capaciyu (i.e. pregnancy, stress, lack of vitamins, sickness, etc.) so it can always come back. The good news is that your doctor is right on top of it and you will be fine!! As for having more children, having 2 cryos is no big deal becasue like i said before, that procedure is very non invasive. The leep will probalby remove a tiny part of your cervix, but that should leave you plenty of cervix left ot have a baby! Dont worry!! The worst thing that could happen is during a pregnancy you may have to get bedrest towards the end to avoid preterm labor, but other than that, you will be watched closely and will most likely have no problems! If you want to know how I know this, I had CIN 3 in Sept 02. I had a conization. Then, in Feb 04 my dsyplasia came back at CIN 2 and I had cryo therapy. I just went for my 3 month pap and asked the same questions as you- and my doc told me my cervix looksed great and told me exactly what I told you above- that I have plenty left othave children. So bottom line- dont worry! CIN 1 in the lowest grade of dysplasia to have and your do is tkaing care of you and your procedures are not invasive at all. You will be fine and from what I hear, the leep is a breeze!! Good luck!!

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