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Repeat abnormal Pap
Jun 21, 2004
Hi all!
I had a cone biopsy done in January for removal of CIN III and according to my doctor the surgery went fine and I healed up just fine, but June 4th I went in for my follow-up 6 month pap and guess what... abnormal all over again. :mad: What are the chances that with a cone biopsy not all of the dysplasia does not get removed, or can it return that quickly? When I was checked for HPV the test came back negative so I have no clue what could be causing all of this dysplasia. My doctor is suggesting me to have a repeat pap done in mid July, but I can't help but wonder if that is just a waste of time and that he should move on to the next step and take care of this. Maybe I'm over reacting because I'm now worried, what do you guys think?

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