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Hmm...I can share my experience about this, as well. While my dr said he was pretty sure he is able to rule out HPV w/ me, thus we don't know why this is my 3rd pap that's come back abnormal, I am not sure about "fibers". but I know that when they did the colposcopy procedure on me they were able to show me the areas that showed up white (what they do is apply a vinegar solution to your cervix and what shows up white is the area that is "abnormal"). I had abnormal dysplasia (ASCUS on the report). Anyway, the first time this happend, after the first colposcope he just applied something called THC, or TCH which is acid (i forget which acronym) and some of it burns a little if they have to touch your vagina a little which they did w/ me b/c the area that connects the cervix to my vagina was also affected...anyway while that is unpleasant as long as you are all red and swollen from say an infection already in progress the actual procedure of both colposcope and acid treatment isn't that painful I promise. However, they did follow up paps like every 4 weeks and then they found MORE "abnormals" soooo to make a long story short, I will go back on the 30th to find out if they will need to do yet a 3rd acid treatment...well honestly I don't know what he'd do, since actually now that I think about it he has done the acid 3 times already...he did that the last time, as well as try and drain a cyst I have on my outer vaginal area and THAT Hurts my friends so hope you don't have cysts...well I do have cysts on the cervix i'm told many tiny ones, he just tried to drain the large one that had been causing me discomfort and now I've got a cream for it. If eventually I want to get that removed it'd mean more surgery. I had my laser ablation done in April--this was afer my 2nd abnormal pap, when the acid didn't eat it away (your cervix will grow back--I know a woman who had her entire cervix lasered away--she was still able to have a baby b/c it grew back!) Anyway, sorry this post is long--lol but I wanted to share what my dr has done. I think he's wonderful. He is also a fertility specialist.
I have heard that many women typically wait like an avg. of 1 whole year to do anything about their abnormal test results and I don't think that woudl be wise.....while my surgery was insanely expensive and w/out insurance of course it will dr even waived most of his FEES so I ended up paying all my $ to only the hospital....but still how many dr's do that for you now days??? Anyway, to get back to the main point of this post, I definately know how frustrating it is---the very first thing that popped into my head was oh my God I won't be Able to Have a Baby! When he had first told me of my abnormal it (babies) is all I think about and for the last 2 Tuesdays in a row (this Tues being the 2nd one) I have forgotten my Pill--to take my bc pill (i'm on Yasmin) makes me wonder if i'm like I don't know, Freudian slipping there--lol--but my Dr told me he would tell me if he was worried that my fertility might be we'll see eh! I hope & pray your next test comes back A-OK!

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