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All of my biopsy results (4 now) are normally back between a week and 2 weeks. If you have a good doc you'll be getting a phone call about how the biopsy results were. The last biopsy I had done from my leep was the worst experience ever. I waited one week, then two, by 2 1/2 I called my docs office to find out what happened and what was up-doctor had gone on vacation-so I found out my results from the nurse who got my call. I had my follow up appt. last Friday where the doc proceded to jaw drop me rambling off about when I have my next leep. Next leep?!?! Appearantly I have a forgetful doctor who thought she had already called me about the results and consult. Then in my state of shock she started to ask me about my job-like what she had just told me was no big deal. My next move is to change doctors. My advice is to you is to hang in there for now-easy to say, really hard to do and start calling if you don't hear back within the next couple of weeks. And I totally agree with you that all the waiting is just so hard, especially the first biopsy for me because during the first colposcopy her eyes got really big and she said oh this looks really severe-the results that time were mild to moderate dysplasia. My thoughts are with you during your wait

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