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Re: LEEP on Friday!
Jul 14, 2004
I was in a similar situation as you. ( Thread "dysplasia without HPV" goes into detail). While I agree with the other 2 posters that you must take this seriously, I think you must also be 100% secure with your doctor.

I went for a second opinion after my first doctor came back with mild/moderate dysplasia. She wanted me to hurry into the LEEP as quickly as possible, and never took the time to explain my results. She didn't explain the procedure, side effects, etc. Her office, however, at every turn would remind me that it was "pre-cancerous", and how quickly something should be done. I felt uncomfortable with her bed-side manner, the office which I thought was very aggressive with me. While she may have been perfectly correct in her diagnosis, they uncertainty she left me with, was enough for me to get a second opinion.

I got copies of my results, ( colposcopy/biopsy which read mild/moderate, my 2 paps that read ascus & lgsil, HPV test which read negative for high and low risk.) I found another Doctor. I went last Tuesday for my consult. He was informative , technical, and thorough in his explanantions to me. He agreed that I needed to be treated being that at 33 and having had my children a more aggressive approach would be appropriate. He did say that if I didn't have children and wanted them, he tends to take a more "wait and see" approach because there can be complications.

He posed 2 options to me. 1.) Cryosurgery which is freezing the cervix, no shots, watery discharge. Downside you cannot biopsy again. He did stipulate that the lesions could not be up the canal, and had to be visible.
2.) LEEP which he said is more effective than the first, but had a higher complication rate. He said the procedure takes about 5 minutes, done with a local. However, he said about 7 to 14 days later you can experience bleeding that could be enough to have to come back to the office to be stopped. He said that complication was slight, but wanted to let me know all the risks. ( My previous Doctor wanted to do this under general anesthesia which he said was an added risk.) We didn't get into fertility because I've had a tubal ligation but he did speak of it earlier like I've said. He gave me statistics on how each degree progresses and regresses, and I felt a complete picture of all the pros and cons. He spent about 45 minutes talking with me. (More than 2 visits with my last doctor)

I decided on cryosurgery for me. (During the exam he was able to see 1 defined lesion that he felt was small, and not going up the canal) Since my biopsy was mild/moderate. I have never had an abnormal pap before this. I am tested yearly and was comfortable for me this was a viable choice. I had it done yesterday. It was just like the colposcopy, with the exception that they insert a freezing mechanism which was not painful. The procedure lasted 15 minutes ( 3 minutes freezing, 5 minutes thawing, 3 minutes freezing). I have to wait now 3 months to redo my pap and see if it comes back normal. The doctor said it isn't uncommon to do this twice. He said that from what I have, it would take about a long time to progress. ( Years). He said remain positive, eat right, and take good care of myself.

While some may have preferred the LEEP, this was best for me. I hope this helps you in making your decision. Trust your gut instinct. If the Doctor gives you any doubt, don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Being comfortable and confident with you Doctor is extremely important. This new doctor has helped to not only inform me, but reduce my anxiety about this whole thing. More importantly, he has helped me take charge of my own care by giving me the information to make the best choice possible for me.

I will keep you in my thoughts. Good luck!

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