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it does seem to take forever from the time they tell you they found something to finally reaching the point of removing it. I guess I still haven't learned patience. I've gone through what you're about to go through. But my gyno didn't tell me he was going to remove my whole left ovary and tube.
I was unconcious at the time when he found so much damage done that he had no choice other than to remove what was left of it due to chronic ovarian cysts. Plus paratubal cysts as well.
I luckily have already finished having my children, all four of them and was around the age of 39 when I had it removed. I had one good ovary left yet I;m reaching perimenopause quickly, quicker than I ever dreamed possible.
there are so many menopausal symtoms I am having from the top of my head, which is my hair, to my teeth and gums, to my toes. I never knew how important our hormones were. till now.
You can talk to your dr. and ask if they can remove some eggs from your ovary and freeze them for the future if for some reason you aren't able to produce any. I'm told that having only one ovary produces enough precious hormones to get us through the days till menopause.
I guess it all depends, especially if you don't have recurring chronic hemorphagic cysts on them like I do. No wonder I'm not cycling right.
they removed the cyst on the only ovary left this past Feb.of 04 and told me it will return. If I wanted to go on a hormone, I think progesterin? not sure what it was now, to stop me from ovulating. the shot form. Well let me tell you something,(deprovera)? I found out information on the possible risks of side effects, with mood swings being one of them, I did a total turn around in my decision, called the dr.s office, cancelled apt. and said I don't want it, I'd rather suffer with monthly cramps and leakage of this painful cyst instead.
I am now trying alternative therapy in the form of supplements and vitamins. I'm taking them for 3 days now.
I hope that everything gets cleared up for you and that you dont' have any problems in the future.
talk to your dr. I'm sure they can ease any of your worries. OR do some research before you go in for that surgery to see what you can do to make sure you are able to have your own child with your own eggs. while you still have them.
I heard that dermoid cysts are not good and they have to be removed. It would benefit you to make sure you have it removed for the sake of your health.
I wish you well with everything.
I'm here for you.

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