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I am writing this in hopes of helping other women in the same situation that I am in and also to obtain answers for myself.

Here’s my story:
I am currently 32 years of age and have no children. In May of this year I had my first pap going on two years (prior to this one all my other paps were normal), the results of the PAP in May came back "abnormal" with the indication of “Atypical Glandular Cells”, the doctor recommended that the next step would be a colposcopy, since I was not familiar with this and was told that the lab that they use sometimes came back with negative results, I seeked a second opinion. Within a month (June), I saw a second doctor and they performed another pap on me to confirm if I truly needed a colposcopy. This time the pap results came back HSIL encompassing CIN2, CIN3, and CIS (told “pre-cancerous” cells). This time I went through with have the colposcopy (same month in June), since the results of my pap were HSIL the doctor automatically indicated the next step is to have a leep or a cone biopsy performed. I freaked. I was told this doctor only performed the procedure in a hospital and under sedation, since I have never been in the hospital, sedated, and worried about having possible children in the future, I seeked a third opinion.

In July, I was able to see another doctor and this one was one of the best doctors in my area. Based on all the test results (paps and colposcopy) they confirmed this needed to be performed (leep or cone biopsy) as soon as possible. I was told I had “severe dysplasia”. Within a couple weeks I had the leep procedure performed. This was performed in a hospital and under sedation.

Yesterday I received the test results of the leep biopsy and was given the news that some of the cells were “cancer” “carcinoma in situ”. I am still not clear where the possible cancer cells were mostly and am very confused why the colposcopy didn’t show any of the “cancerous” cells and if it progressed to “carcinoma in situ” within a few weeks (is that possible) or am I confused about what “carcinoma in situ” and what “severe dysplasia” is? The doctor claims they are confident they got it all, but now I need to wait the two months to have my first pap.

My Questions:
1. What is the difference between “severe dysplasia”, “carcinoma in situ”, and "invasive cancer"?
2. Can the progression of what I have happen in two years? From being normal to possibly be at Stage 0 of Cervical Cancer?
3. Can a pap result of “Atypical Glandular Cells” progress to “HSIL encompassing CIN1, CIN3, and CIS in “two” months?
4. Why wouldn’t a colposcopy show up the “carcinoma in situ”?
5. They assumed due to my condition I was infected with the HPV virus and have never been tested, since there is no cure for the HPV virus, and I would like to have a baby someday, would I infect my husband when trying to have one?
6. Since I had “severe dysplasia” or Stage 0 of Cervical Cancer could he get cancer and what would the signs be?
7. Does anyone of any information related to a possible vaccine for HPV and if so, since I am possibly infected could I get the vaccine or my husband?
8. I have been told that there are many different strains of HPV, how do you know which strain you were infected with? Since I was probably infected two years ago, I am assuming I came in contact with a “high-risk” strain and what would that be? I have no signs of warts?
9. Since I am assuming I am in Stage 0 of cervical cancer, do I actually have cervical cancer?
10. Is there anything more a person should be doing in my situation?
11. How did you tell your boyfriend or husband that you may be possibly infected with a STD (HPV)?

If anyone would like any information about what I went through for the colposcopy or the leep, please let me know. To be honest, I was very scared and frightened, but pretty much both procedures took less then 15-20 minutes and it was all over with.

Thank you to anyone who responds and I feel everyone’s stress and anxiety.

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