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Hi, I'm new to this board too. I'm sort of in the same situation as you. I had a LEEP done in Feb for severe dysplasia, but i just had my first follow up pap and it came back abnormal, so after the results of the biospy, if it is still severe dysplasia, my doc wants to do a cone biopsy (more aggressive). I'm only 22, and i have no kids, so she said if my dyplasia is persistant, she still wants to do other procedures before thinking of a hysterechtomy just bc a lot can be done before such a big operation.

I think your case is really a matter of personal choice, but there are some important things you need to consider. First of all, what was your exact diagnosis? if it was cin II or III ( i think u said in previous post), i would say that a hysterechtomy is a pretty drastic operation. But also, that depends, have you had other procedures done before? if not, i would say try a LEEP or a Cone biopsy before thinking of something like a hysterechtomy. i know it may be a hassle to go through maybe a few leeps or cones, but hysterechtomy in itself is a big deal. it has a long recovery period, and a lot of women do get rid of their dysplasa permanently with LEEP or Cone.

But then again, you already have children, and i know how you feel about wanting to make sure you use to most effective/agressive treatment possible. So its really personal choice i think for you. Talk to your doctor about how you feel too.

Good luck!
Alex :)

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