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Cyst Question
Aug 10, 2004
Here's my story:

After being intimate with my husband the last week I had some slight spotting that continued part of the next day as well. Ever since I've had continuous dull pain in my reproductive area. I've become pretty concerned and scheduled an appointment with the doctor for Thursday 8/10. I had a baby a little over four months ago, so I'm not sure if that's related or not. My post pregnancy pap (done 3 months post partum came back clear).

I have been told that I have a cyst located in my vaginal canal, which I don't think is to common. It was first found about 4 years ago. Upon finding it my OB/GYN asked me "would you mind if I had one of my collegues take a look at this", while I'm lying on the table (that freaked me out a little). Anyway, both doctors agreed that it was probably okay as long as it didn't cause me any pain.

I have since moved out of state and when I had my pap at about 8 weeks along. The nurse practitioner also noticed it and said I've never seen one located there before, but didn't seem concerned. The more I think about it the more I find it strange that three people I have never seen one located where mine is. I'm thinking maybe I don't want it there if it shouldn't be there.

My question is to anyone who's had any kind of cyst located in their repoductive region. Do you know if a cyst could cause the symptoms I've had after intercourse (spotting/pain)?

If somebody could give me some advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

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