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Dear Pips,
I am 22 years old and have gone through many of the similar things you have. My progression was this:

jan 2004: pap that showed low grade dysplasia
feb 2004: colposcopy that in fact showed the dysplasia was high grade
march 2004: LEEP procedure

First, I know how scared you are, i was also terrified and researched desperately online. However, know this. Dysplasia is NOT cancer, and is almost always "cured". The key is early detection and treatment. The dyplastic cells can be removed using many methods. For low grade changes, the doc usually just waits and monitors, but for moderate and high, they remove the cells with methods like LEEP, which u had. LEEP is over 80% successful.

However, dysplasia can be persistent or reccurent in many women, especially if you have HPV like you mentioned. But this does not mean you will get cancer. It only means that because the virus is in your body, you are at a higer risk or having the dysplasia grow back at some point after it has been removed. However, as long as you keep all your follow up appointments and keep removing any reccuring dysplasia, you should be absolutely fine. The MOST important thing you MUST do is keep your follow ups strictly. You must realize that while you will be fine if you keep removing the dysplasia, that this is something you have to monitor with regular gyno visits throughout your entire life!! There are many options for treating persistant dysplasia: you can have sevreal LEEPs, cone biospies, cryosurgery etc...and some women once they have had children opt for a hysterechtomy later down the line.

There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of the dysplasia returning: take a folic acid suplement, multivitamins, no smoking (good for you for quitting! :) ), also some studies show the Pill might have a role in dysplasia so u might want get off of it if ur taking it, and they also say eating things like raw almonds and garlic helps keep cancers in general away. As far as your fiance's HPV, i dont think it matters if you are exposed repeatedly because you already have that particular strain of the virus in you. But i have read different things about that, so check with your doc.

I had a follow up PAP after my LEEP this summer and it looked like my dysplasia had already returned after my LEEP, so i was very upset. However, the doc took a biopsy and it actually had turned out to be a false positive (might have been some left over scar tissue that picked up bad cells). So the LEEP was a success, and im sure yours was also. Even if its scary, try to keep your cool. You caught this very early like i did, and that is good, bc there are tons of options. So long as you keep your follow ups and remove any dysplasia that may come back, you should be just fine :)

I was also very worried about children and i also starting thinking my fiance and i should get married sooner too! but there are so many options and even if you have to have many LEEPs, you can still have kids, so i feel a little better although i am still a bit worried about that.

Good luck with everything! If you ever want to talk, you can post here or [ r[I]emoved[/I] ]
Take care, Alex :)

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