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well not sure this will help anyone..
i have just found out that i have two on the right is called a simple cyst and it is 1.8cm and one on the left with is complex and much larger.. 4.5cm..NOW i have no pain really on the left side..just during intercourse.. the right side screams at me all day long.. so that makes no sense.. because they are not worried about that side.
i have to go back for the left in a few weeks..a second ultrasound is ordered..
my doctor says this is urgent. now. i do have constant abdomianl distention.. lower achy and lower back ach. i suffer from fatique.(but i do have other health issues) and irregular periods.
I had been to an immunologist that said OH it is perimenopause.. was he wrong.. my hormone levels are fine. so now i sit and wait and i am worried.. they say that ovaran cancer is silent for a reason.. and scares me more..

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