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Hi all,

I'm 43 and have had cancer on and off for 7 years. Cervical. I didn't see a doc for 8 years (long story but really I guess there's no excuse, even tho I was taking care of an invalid parent, poor and just barely paying the bills.) Anyway....I've had a hysterectomy, radiation, chemo, 3 recurrances. I've lost my colon and bladder to radiation damage, I'm on high painkillers, see a shrink for depression and take 2 meds for kidneys are also disentegrating (from radiation damage). I have no family and no friends except my husband and he has to work so hard to make the bills stretch and do all the housework and shopping since I'm pretty crippled from all this. My doctors can't be trusted; they almost killed me the last time I was in the hospital. And I go to "the best cancer center in the world" took radiation next to Eddie van Halen and a prince from Saudi Arabia.....

anyone else here having anything but "scared" and a few bad cells on a pap smear? :)

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