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I had the LEEP 6 months ago for CIN III (even though the biopsy showed it was only CIN I - the LEEP results showed otherwise). I just had my follow up colposcopy - which led to another biopsy showing CIN I. Apparently I fall into the 3-5% who have a reoccurence after LEEP. 3-5%!!!!!!!!!!! so yes, chances of it coming back are very very small ... however it happens.

I too was worried about getting pregnant and giving birht okay after the LEEP but was assured it would be okay if monitored. They can add a stitch if need be. I came on these boards and was reassured by several women who had had LEEPS and gone on to have trouble free pregnancies and births.

However, now a second LEEP looks possible, so it seems pregnancy/childbirth even more remote for me ....

best of luck to you.

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