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[QUOTE=cocoeyes]I've read about the cone operation thing making pregnancy more difficult but as far as the other procedures... Loop and cryosurgery I hear that if it is used more than once it can have an affect of having kids but I also hear that the doctor can stitch up the cervics as well... Did anyone hear differently?[/QUOTE]

That is what my doctor has told me as well. Having LEEP (the loop one) once should not have an effect on your fertility, but repeated procedures can wear out the cervix and make it weak. I am less familiar with cone since i myself had the LEEP, but since cone is more invasive than LEEP, i think indeed that its a bit more destructive to the cervix. But from what ive read, it is still very possible to have children after cone. I think its really after repeated proceedures if necessary that it starts getting more difficult. Yes there is a procedure doctors can do where they put a stich on the opening (i think) of your cervix and make it stronger. Hope that helps!
Hello, To your question if dyslasia comes back, I am 33 years old and today I Go have the leep procedure done after 14 years. I had the same thing when i was 18 years old. I am engaged to a 44 year old man, and I dont know if he is the cause of this happening again, but I know that i was married for 9 years and it never reaccured. But I am very scared, but I have to be strong, I was told after the first time haveing a leep, that it wouldnt come back, well it has. It is hard to deal with the first time, but being 33 and having to go through it again, is worse. No sex is safe from any type of virus. I dont know how many times this can come back, but mine did after 14 years, and I guess I will find out today whats going on, They tried to biopsy me a month ago but was unable to get to where the infected cells are at, so they are doing the leep today at 3:30. I am scared, but not knowing is worse. I have a 14 year old daughter and I know if I dont take care of me, who will take care of her. So all women, God knows what we can take and what we cant, he will never put more on us than we can handle, I have faith that god can help all of us, and he will, we just have to believe that. My prayers and thoughts are with each women who has had to deal with dysplasia, and I hope all of you keep your strength up and know we didnt do anything wrong to deserve this, its part of life.
Ill keep you informed of how my leep went in a few weeks, thanks
I think it was wrong of your doctor to say that after having a LEEP done your dysplasia would never come back - a LEEP isn't the end-all-cure for dysplasia. What my doctor has let me know, and all the research I've done on this since my biopsy and LEEP is that I have to doubly make sure to get my pap done regularly for the rest of my life because I've had to go through this, and reoccurence is always a possibility. I'm going to have another biopsy and possibly another LEEP done becuase my doctor thinks she missed the area that she was supposed to be removing. It's depressing, yes, and I am SICK of going to the doctor, but there are so many worse things to go through. My mom has stage IV lung cancer, so I've seen what could be worse, so I feel guilty saying I'm sick of doctors ;). I hope your LEEP went well and they got it all out! :)
Hi, I'm new to this board and just happened to stumble upon this post today. I too had mild dysplasia and was treated with a Leep in 2000. (also have HPV-from my ex-husband) I was very worried about how it would affect my chances of getting pregnant and put it off until I couldn't any longer. It was like a huge cloud hanging over me every day so I decided to go ahead with it, and then did the 3month check-ups until my doctor said I could go for yearly check ups again.

The good June of 2004 I had a beautiful baby boy! It did not affect my getting pregnant. (I was pregnant two other miscarriage and one tubal).

With that being said, I went for my first pap after his birth and just got the call today that I need to come in for another colposcopy. So..four years later it appears to be back. It's my belief that if you have HPV you will always have to deal with this. What makes it reoccur in some and not in others can be a mystery. BUT I agree with the smoking (because, shamefully I started again after my sons birth). And I honestly think your overall health and diet play a big part. Getting the proper nutrition and vitamins, I'm sure is essential. (though I have yet to take my own advice!!) I think I will now! Anyway, thought I would share my story. The important thing to remember is to get your regular paps always. My doctor said to me, with our treatments and early detection there is no reason that any woman should die of cervical cancer in this day and age. (other than lack of healthcare!)

Hope some of this is helpful.

I had the LEEP 6 months ago for CIN III (even though the biopsy showed it was only CIN I - the LEEP results showed otherwise). I just had my follow up colposcopy - which led to another biopsy showing CIN I. Apparently I fall into the 3-5% who have a reoccurence after LEEP. 3-5%!!!!!!!!!!! so yes, chances of it coming back are very very small ... however it happens.

I too was worried about getting pregnant and giving birht okay after the LEEP but was assured it would be okay if monitored. They can add a stitch if need be. I came on these boards and was reassured by several women who had had LEEPS and gone on to have trouble free pregnancies and births.

However, now a second LEEP looks possible, so it seems pregnancy/childbirth even more remote for me ....

best of luck to you.

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