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[QUOTE=cocoeyes]I've read about the cone operation thing making pregnancy more difficult but as far as the other procedures... Loop and cryosurgery I hear that if it is used more than once it can have an affect of having kids but I also hear that the doctor can stitch up the cervics as well... Did anyone hear differently?[/QUOTE]

That is what my doctor has told me as well. Having LEEP (the loop one) once should not have an effect on your fertility, but repeated procedures can wear out the cervix and make it weak. I am less familiar with cone since i myself had the LEEP, but since cone is more invasive than LEEP, i think indeed that its a bit more destructive to the cervix. But from what ive read, it is still very possible to have children after cone. I think its really after repeated proceedures if necessary that it starts getting more difficult. Yes there is a procedure doctors can do where they put a stich on the opening (i think) of your cervix and make it stronger. Hope that helps!

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