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Anyone have symptoms of cervical cancer before they were diagnosed?? Just wondering because I have had severely excrutiating right sided pain, in the front and the back, going down my leg. I have been unable to walk upright, my right leg has gone entirely numb at times, and severe burning in my big toe and the arch of my foot. I have learned the burning means if I don't shift positions, my leg will go numb. I had an MRI of the hips/pelvis. The Neurosurgeon I saw, (because the Dr's thought this was a back problem, and I won't go into all the details of the unnecessary treatment for it), thought that I had 'Aseptic Necrosis' of the hip. The MRI found:
1. A 12mm focal area of fatty infiltration identified involving the right ischium.
2. Mild prominence of the uterine endometrium, which may correspond to pending or ongoing menses. (I get the Depo-Provera shot for BC).
3. Several small bilateral pelvic chain lymph nodes. These may relate to infectious/inflammatory process (age indeterminate). Recommend GYN follow-up.
So, everything I look up online 'all' points to Cervical Cancer. If so, this has happened 'very' fast. I had my last pap in the spring.
So what does anyone think??
Thanks much!!!!

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