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Well I had another bad pap this is my third one. I had one abnormal when I was pregnant with my daughter in April of 2002, I had coloposcopy but no bioposy because it didn't look bad enough to risk it during the pregnancy. It was supposed to be repeated at 28 weeks but I moved to NH and the dr forgot about it and then when I said something to her about it she said it was ok to wait till my 6 week chkup. At my 6 week chkup I had a brand new midwife and I really feel as if she had no clue. but my pap came back normal.
As soon as I moved back to MA I made an appt with my old dr becasue I felt like the midwife in NH wasn't right. The results were abnormal, due to squamus cells and mild dysplasia. A week before my second colposcopy I found out I was pregnant with Aidan, so again they decided not to do the bioposy because it didn't look that bad. I had a repeat at 28 wks and it was normal as was my the one from 6 week chkup. But once you have an abnormal my midwife has you in every four months till you get three normals. So in August I went again. And it was abnormal.
I have an appt for a biopsoy on Nov 3. My mom doed of cervical cancer in july 2002. She was only 41 yrs old. I can't believe I have to stress like this till Nov 3. I don't think I can handle it. I just want to go and get it over with and know what is wrong.
What will the biopsy be like? My midwife said all i need is a few asprins before hand. I think I need at least a handful of xanax. lol

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