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Hi y'all. I am new here and hope my stay is short. ;-) My name is tessa. I am a 33yo mom of 4 and happily married for 12 years this month.

Several months ago, I noticed that I was not ovulating. I use FAM for birth control, so it was obvious. I began spotting between cycles (although they are not really "cycles" when you don't ovulate). My bleeding got closer and longer until I was bleeding almost all the time. I also have a watery discharge now and then and somtimes it is tinged with blood.

Then in August, I bled very badly after intercourse. I have had some pelvic pain since then and been afraid to try intercourse again, so it only happened that once.

A few weeks ago, I went to the health center at school (I am in the police academy) becuase I was feeling weak and dizzy from all the bleeding. They did a pap and a pelvic. The pelvic turned up some large painful cysts and I was sent to the ER for an ultrasound.

The US showed several small simple cysts on my right ovary, a large (5cm) cyst inside my left ovary, and a large (6cm) complex, blood filled cyst on the outside of my left overy. It also showed free-fluid (blood) in my abdomen where I have been bleeding internally. My endometrium was of normal thickness, but my uterus was enlarged and bigger on one side than the other.

I got some bc pills for the cysts and went home. A few days later, I got a call from the health clinic that I needed to come in and discuss my pap results. I knew that couldn't be good.

My pap report showed obvious capillary patterns on the cervix and abnormal [I]glandular[/I] cells. I was sent immediatly for a CA - 125 for which I have not gotten results. tHe next day, I had a cervical biopsy, a colposcopy, and an endometrial biopsy. The only thing he told me was that he saw something on my cervix and biopsied it.

I understand that paps come back abnormal all the time and it turns out to be nothing, BUT it seems to me like most of those cases are squamus cells not glandular cells, and more importantly, most of those women were not symptomatic.

I am obviously sick. I am thin and weak. I have circles and bags under my eyes. People take one look at me and ask what the ____ is wrong with me. Of course, that could all be from the almost constant bleeding.

What I want to know is this: What are the odds that an abnormal pap on a symptomatic woman turns out to be nothing? When I say "symtomatic," I don't necessarily mean symptomatic of any particular thing, just something.

I just want to be prepared for whatever is coming next. My dr acts like it is no big deal when he talks to me, yet keeps ordering tests without telling me why. I would much rather be prepared and find out I am okay than think I am okay and find out it is something bad.


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