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The brown discharge is normal I think. They put some stuff on the part they biopsy to stop bleeding. I think that eventually is what comes out.

I have CIN I-II. My pap came back LGSIL no HPV, and the biopsy came back CIN I-II suggestive of HPV. She also said she wasn't seeing anything, then later said she saw a small area. She recommended a LEEP under anesthesia in the hospital. I went for a second opinion. I had the colposcopy redone and the new Doc suggested a Cryosurgery procedure. He did say however, that they NEVER perform the LEEP in the hospital and feel the anesthesia is an added risk that is unnecessary.

I too am now waiting for my 3 month follow up results. I'm hoping I'm in the clear and hope things work out for you.


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