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I had the cold knife cone biopsy done on oct 5. It was a peace of cake for me. I was put under general. I had no pain or cramping afterwards. I was spotting for a week, nothing to much, almost like having your period. The worst part for me was waiting for the biopsy results. I was scared I might have cancer. I also had CIN III in the endocervical canal. I also had atypical glandular cells and CIN III on the cervix. I was in a bad shape. Its all behind me now. My results came in as clear margins with all the (hopefully) the high grade dysplasia out. I feel really good now and relieved that all of this is done. I was shocked in the beginning cause I never had a bad pap smear. I was negative for over 16 years and wham high grade this year without any warning.

The only bad thing about the procedure is getting an iv in me. That was no fun cause I have bad veins. They ended up in the hand practically on my nuckle.

The procedure only took the most 30 minutes, recovery 30 minutes. I arrived at the hospital 545am. Was out of the hospital and on my couch at 1000am.

IMO, this has to be done and I feel this is the best procedure to get any dyplasia out. I know its invasive. God when he said cold knife I freaked. It took me about a week to get over the fact there is no leep for me.

Its not bad as you think. The anxiety of the procedure is worst than the procedure itself.

What I did before the procedure is take alot of vitamins esp a multivitamin, vit e and vit c. This will help with your healing process once you have the ckc.

Just to tell you I went for my two week post appointment and he said I healed very well. I think eating good and taking vitamins help alot in the healing process.

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