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[QUOTE=llcoolbeans1][B]Could this be ovarian cancer! HELP! I am scared to death[/B] [FONT=Arial][/FONT]I have been experiencing abdominal cramps for a week now. The intensity comes and goes but the cramps never go away completely. They can either be above my navel or in the area around...sometimes even go below the navel. So actually they are every where. Prior to this I had been going through bouts of excess gas frequently. I also have a slight back ache in the lower portion of my right side going into my hip. Most of the time I feel like I need to pass gas or have a bm. I am worried sick that I have ovarian cancer. My doctor wont see me until I see my gyn due to the possibility of it having to do with my ovaries. I have not been able to sleep in a week since I am so worried. I did have a problem at the end of my summer with a couple of periods coming a week or 2 early, but my last period was on time and normal. HELP!!![/QUOTE]
The cramping and pain can also be a sign of a kidney infection. But ovarian cancer typically causes a sensation of having stomach gas, the feeling that you drank a fizzy drink and have to burp, and it also causes pressure to be felt against you midwaist. A lot of women who appear to be pregnant, but may be too chronologically old, may have diabetes and ovarian cancer combined. However, the other writers are correct, there are usually no exact symptoms of ovarian cancer early on which is why the researchers are trying very hard to find a test that will make this disease obvious early on and of course curable.

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