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hello there, i am new to this board and just had a few questions. I recently had a ckc and was wondering if any one experienced a blackish discharge after? (sorry to sound so gross) if so is this normal and for about how long is this to last? Also I was told by my doctor before surgery that what i had was called carcinoma in situ of the cervix. I asked her how at my last pap (only 1 yr. ago) was normal and this one was abnormal, then after the colposcopy results came in it was severe dysplasia. She also told me that i now have hpv. I was in total shock! She also told me that my boyfriend should be checked also as he may not be aware that he even has this. this was her way of telling me that he probably was the one to give this to me as i had only been with him in the last 2 1/2 yrs. Does this sound familiar to any one? if I am all clear now is there a chance this could continue to get passed back and fourth between the 2 of us? thank you for any responses :confused:

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