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I tensed up a lot so I made it worse than it should have been. I was just so scared in general having to have that done, so it was mostly in my head. There was mild pain afterwards which was taken care of by tylenol. I still have a little bit of bleeding and discharge 3 days later. Waiting to know the results is the worst, I am scared just like you!
Hi Scared04, in answer to your first post: no, it does not mean you have dysplasia or HPV for sure, but there is deifnitely a chance you do. the colposcopy is done when a pap detects these changes usually. but dont get too panicked: the good thing is you detected something if its there, and dysplasia can be removed with a very high success rate. i had severe dysplasia removed in february 2004 with a LEEP and am going for my second 3 months checkup next week, and so far all has been clear! the bottom line is, even if you do have dysplasia, it can be removed before it turns to cancer down the road. however, it also means that you must keep monitoring it strictly, especially if you have HPV (the doc can test for that), so that you can remove it again if it reccurs. it takes dscipline, but displasia can be removed and monitored so you dont get problems in the future. mild dysplasia can even go away on its own. i know the waiting is really hard, but try to relax, and once you find out what your results are, take it from there. make sure you ask your doc the maximum of questions so you are clear on everything and what to do. once you get your results, ill be glad to try and give more advice on some specific questions if i can! good luck! Alex :)

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