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My daughter discovered she had mild displasia at 17 and they did the colposcopy. Then they discoverd more cells and they were moderate so a LEEP was done. She is 18 now and we've had 3 biopsies. 2 copolscopies, the LEEP, a laser ablation and now he discovered the cells returned after the ablation and wants to freeze her cervix. At 18 we are terrified for her fertility but she has been adament since she was a young teen that she NEVER wanted kids but who knows if she will meet Mr wonderful and change her mind because I fear with all they have done,she may not be able to carry or concieve. Of course,right now,my biggest fear is keeping the cells from becoming cancerous. I'm waiting and praying for the day when she goes 6 months with no return in cells. So far for 2 years this has not happened. We will have the freezing done in January or Feb and they hope this will solve the issue. the Dr is becoming frustrated. He delivered her into this world 18 yrs ago and this is become an obsession with him to cure of of this. I feel safe with him. He doesn't want to continue biopsying her anymore and is very upset at her pain when he has too. He prescribes her pain relief and even wrote notes when her graduation was in danger because of missed days from school. He has been wonderful and with us all the way.
[QUOTE=redstarr987]I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my doctor said that I have cervical dysplsia. So he did a coploscopy. I haven't got the results back yet. I'm feeling a little confused because everything I have read (which is just about every thing I can find to read) has said eventually if left untreated that the dysplasia will become cancer. Which to me is a bit concerning since I,m pregnant and my doctor said little can be done until after I deliver. I can't even have a biopsy because of the risk of bleeding so he used a brush to scrape it, I guess. So first off is this going to be a good enough sample to even determine anything? And am I necessarily going to get cancer because I have to wait until delivery? How fast does dysplasia progress? Please help me....scared and pregnant....Susan :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hi Susan,

First of all, please relax and take a deep breath... This is not a cancer diagnosis! Dysplasia is very slow turning into cancer, IF EVER. Chances are you will be fine after delivery. I read somewhere that during delivery dysplastic cells get sloughed off and your Paps return to normal. Your doctor used a brush because he does not want to take chances in your condition. They are not supposed to use a forceps or a curette during pregnancy.

All you need to do is take good care of yourself and your baby and enjoy this special time in your life. By all means, inform yourself about your colpo results and degree of dysplasia, but do not fret over these very early changes that pose no immediate threat to you. For all you know, it could be a very mild form of dysplasia that most of the time regresses on its own.

Take care! :angel:

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