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Re: Leep
Dec 7, 2004
[QUOTE=scared04]Anyone have success stories on their Leep procedures? Mine is coming up next week and I am so scared. I am not very tolerant of pain at all, and the thought of the needle numbing me and the procedure itself irks me. Not to mention, the wait of getting it all done. Any advice on sedatives or anesthesia? Also, what about the pain afterwards, after the numbing wears off???[/QUOTE]
I certainly understand your anxiety about your leep procedure. I was diagnosed with CIN III in April. I had my leep about 7 months ago in my doctor's office. I was not put under. I did take a motrin about 1/2 hour before the procedure. I did feel the first shot and it did sting a bit, but it was not near as bad as I had feared it would be! The procedure itself really did not hurt at all. While I could feel there was something going on, I really had no pain from it. From start to finish probably took 20 minutes or so. Afterwards, I did have some cramping, much like a period but no worse. My doc had prescribed darvocet, I took one just in case the cramping got worse after the motrin had worn off, but I really don't think it would have been necessary. I slept for a couple of hours afterwards and felt fine the rest of the day. I would take it easy for a few days (no heavy lifting, housework :bouncing: ). I did notice that my energy level was not what it had been prior to having the leep, but I started taking vitamins and that helped greatly!!

I've since had two follow up paps, and so far so good :) So, I am looking at this as a success at this point.

I hope this helps. You'll be really will! Good luck!

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