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Hi everyone -- I'm a newbie, and this is a long post, but I want to say to everyone in the past 2 weeks whose posts I read before I registered, all of your advice and encouragement to others has been a great help to me!!

I had a LEEP Thursday and only just started cramping / bleeding today - but the Advil liqui-gels seem to do the trick. I had IV sedation and it was the 1st time ever, I was so scared. Luckily the anesthesiologist decided I was too nervous and gave me something to calm me down, if only I could get that stuff at work, I think meetings would go better!

I'm playing the waiting game again - this time for the results of the LEEP. Ever since I was diagnosed with HPV I've only had 1 normal pap. 6 months later, my pap results meant I had to go in for a colposcopy (my 3rd), during which they biopsied and found CIN II w/ glandular involvement. The LEEP was scheduled for a week & 1/2 later. Now, in recovery, I am more nervous than I was before the procedure!

Why do they call the LEEP / cone biopsy a biopsy? If they already know it's only pre-cancerous cells b/c of the colpo biopsy, why do I still have to wait to see if it was really cancer? This question is raised b/c my doctor advised I should get the LEEP, but also told me we could hold off and see what happens..something he called "expectant management". If waiting and seeing was an option, then I shouldn't be worried, right? Argh..I don't know what to think.

Any advice (aside from martinis and ice cream) that would help me get over this fear? I'm prone to panic attacks and now whenever my cell phone rings I get one. :eek:
((hugs)) I'm glad to hear you made it through the LEEP. Sorry to hear you are anxious about the results, but I can totally understand why. The LEEP, IMO, is a great procedure because it cuts out the bad tissue, but also preserves it for biopsy, so the pathologist can confirm (or deny) the findings from the colposcopy biopsy. The colpo biopsy only shows a tiny fragment of the dysplasia, so if the doc biopsies one area, he might miss a more severe (or less severe) area of the lesion. So the LEEP tissue can be looked at to basically provide an accurate idea of the involvement of the whole lesion. It also allows the pathologist to determine if all the bad cells were removed. If there is good tissue surrounding all of the lesion, then the pathologist will say the doctor got "clear margins". If there are some bad cells at the outermost part of the tissue, then the pathologist might say "margins not clear". So, that is why they say LEEP biopsy and cone biopsy. Same protocol for the cone. In my case, the LEEP found more severe than the colpo biopsy, but the doc got clear margins, meaning all of the bad stuff is gone. It was about one week for me to get my results. Did your doctor give you a timeline? If you are really nervous about it, I would call his/her office and ask when they expect the results to be in. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope everything turns out okay for you.

Hi everyone!!!

I just wanted to share the good news!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:

The biopsy that they found in the colposcopy was moderate dysplasia (CIN II) with glandular involvement. The results of the LEEP I had last thursday were a little bit of mild dysplasia with clean margins!!!!

I was so scared and I want thank everyone who prayed and helped me through this! To those about to go through it, please take hope in my story!!!!!!

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