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ok, here i am again...I had sex last night and the night before and it had been 1 month and 1 week since my leep. The first night I had sex everything was fine so I thought I had healed. Well last night I bled a bit after sex and today this brownish black and marroon thick discharge is coming out. Should I go to the doctor about this or just let it heal on its own?
I would only go back to your doctor if you have other symptoms such as pain or fever, or if the discharge does not stop in a day or two. I would also wait to have sex again a week or two. But I'm no doctor, so probably the best thing to do is call your doctor and ask their advice. Good luck!
The same exact thing happened to me. I had sex a few times and everything was ok, and then I bled once afterwards and some the next day. I just recently had my first follow up pap and he said my cervix healed nicely so I think it's pretty normal. has now been over a week and I am still bleeding. Is this normal or should I see my doctor?
I am still bleeding and it is worrying is not much, just spotting but still worrysome. It has been over a week. Anyone have any advice, I cannot see my doctor until next week due to her being gone. Should I see another doc, or is it normal???

I wanted to post a reply to you since nobody else has. I'm afraid I don't have much information for you because I didn't have any bleeding after sex post leep, but my opinon (maybe others can verify/deny it?) is that what you are experiencing is probably a result of irrating your cervix, or a scab on it.

Everybody is different, and my Doctor said bleeding after sex isn't uncommon after surgery, but I would be worried just like you if it was happening to me. A week seems like a long time, even if it's only spotting. You may want to see a Doctor just in case. You never know since it's not like you can see how it's healing. To put your mind at ease I would suggest either calling and speaking with another Doctor or Nurse in you office, or calling or seeing another Doctor.

I wish I could be of more help to you. Goodluck and Happy New Year!

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