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Symptoms After Leep
Dec 20, 2004
I had a leep procedure done a week ago today. I've had a brownish discharge with a smell ever since. I have just started bleeding bright pink and quite heavy like a period. The specialist told me I would have this brown yucky stuff for A MONTH. Is this common? Should I go see the specialist right away or wait it out? Is this normal? I've also had bad cramps but it's not my period because I just finished it at the beginning of December. Should I be going to the emergency room?
I think everything you describe is normal. I have read on this board that people have had discharge for up to 6 weeks following the LEEP. not a pleasant thought, but hey, is sounds to be normal. I am 1.5 weeks post-LEEP, and definately have this pinkish/brownish thing discharging, and it smells like hell LOL. I think it is normal, but then again, you know best. I also haven't had any cramps since day 1 post-LEEP.

Good luck, julia88:)
after my leep I smelled terrible and had all kinds of stuff coming out of me. I thought it was so gross and was ashamed to go out into public fearing others may smell. I know how you feel. Good luck with everything.
I've had cramps off and on since day one after my LEEP (which was 8 days ago). I've had pinkish, rust, orange, and then flakes of black discharge for the entire time, and yes, smells like :eek:
Not sure if it could have triggered an early period... it seems like people on here have started early after their LEEPs, but I'd call the doctor to make sure. It will definitely ease your mind! Best of luck to you

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