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Leave that Dr. immediately. NEVER EVER let any dr treat you without feeling 100 percent comfortable and that they CARE and are listening and willing to give you time - you are paying for the time and its your HEALTH here - at theVERY least they should not rush you, answer ALL your questions, and tell you EXACTLY what they are doing and why

I hated my first gyno who sounded like yours - she rushed me in and out and didnt give me my options or tell me why she thought i shoudl ahve a cold knife cone ( I had cin 1-2!) she didnt even MENTION leep!!!!!!! I walked out and never went back , the MORNING of my surgery.

My new gyno is AMAZING, wonderful, comapssionate, spent 30 mins talking me through the colpo showing me everything on the screen , explaining andshowing me each part and what she thinks, and was SO informative. Got me on teh right medications, answered all my questions and even consulted with other dr/s . I MSO GLAD I SWITCHED!

I believe the cryo is for low grade- I had it 3 yrs ago , and my dysplasia has come back, so im not sure about the effectiveness of it but im also not sure if leep is remotely necessary for a low grade (but maybe they can do a 'mini' leep?) I hear of people having cryo and it recurring a lot. Also Laser is a great option, and not invasive

Im appalled at these horrible dr's . telling you she HAS NO TIME? YOU are her time at that point of the appointment. YOU are her prioirity . I would put in a complaint and even write a letter to her saying how she made you feel and that she should be ashamed. I did to my old one! I cant believe that anyone can get a license these days.

ITs so much easier to go through when you have a dr you like and who helps you though this!

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