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Just wanted to let you guys know the complete story. Originally my gyn was going to refer me to another gyn who just happens to do alot of laser surgery treatment. At this point I had already done some research on the internet and asked around and learned about seeing a gyn-onc specialist. I then questioned my gyn's judgement. She said that in many parts of the country there are no gyn-onc and that's why regular gyns do leeps and such. (ok so that still didn't answer my question since I live in Boston and we have around 25 gyn-oncs here). So with my insistance she referred me to one (her instructor from residency). This goes to show that WE must stay informed and take charge of our health OURSELVES.

This is what I learned from seeing that previous gyn; he treated me previous HGSIL like it was no big deal (although i tested positive for a high risk HPV!). Again my research shows me i should have had a biopsy or cone biopsy.

Anyways, I decided to do some research and find another gyn-onc as a second opinion (continuing on my theme of staying informed). I saw this dr today. Her opinion is that i should do a cold knife cone biopsy. And she is able to see me next week! I am relieved by the close appointment date. However, I still need to see the gyn-onc my gyn referred me to. I will see him tomorrow and figure out what to do next. :)

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