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I am actually feeling a little better about all this. Thank you for asking. My doctor called me in when the results were different then the biopsy. She was very reassuring in the fact that they did get it all with the leep(clear margins) but that in the biopsy stage 1a1 cancer was found.My glands and all that were clear also. That meant, it had not spread. She did say these were the best possible results they looked for with more invasive procedures. She went over the fact that it was only a .2% reaccurence. Which in numbers according to her textbook is about 8 in every 2,800. Low I know, but I was the 1% that had a different reading on my leep biopsy. So, it still makes me nervous. But to my knowledge no blood tests. The beginning of March I go in to see an oncologist for the scrapings and am to be followed by her also. I am satisfied with the care I have recieved but what bothers me is that I have had normal paps for YEARS, including this past March. The only reason it was repeated in October is because we moved from Washington to Hawaii and the new medical facility wanted fresh physicals, paps, etc.... So, my question to why normal and then such a drastic abnormal have still not been answered very well besides "Some doctors just give good pap." Not amusing to me but I guess there are individual techniques to pap smears. I was never told if I have HPV. I was told to just assume I do because you would not have this if you did not. Other than that, we mainly discussed having children. My husband and I have a 7 year old and I would like one more. She said as long as the next scraping comes up negative then we have the green light. She did tell me even though I am "cured" to think of having a hysterectomy in the future, which those words are still echoing in my head. Why have a hysterectomy if I am "cured"? So even though I have a ton a questions still lingering I am trying to remain positive. I do believe if you stress and wear your body down, it can have a negative effect. So, I have been taking that multi vitamin, running a little longer, and actually praying a little more. It truly has been a life changing expirience.
How long has it been since your diagnoses? Have you had the bi monthly scrapings? What else have they told you about future problems due to this?

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