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lyn - thanks so much for your reply - it is very reassuring (look you're the one who came here for reassurance, and now you're dishing it out :) ) It sounds like you have a doctor who is very interested in your care and in your well being. I am envious. I had my first abnormal pap in Feb 2004. Colposcopy and biopsy was performed on June 7, LEEP performed on June 16. I think most of my confusion and issues stem from the fact that I was informed of my dx by telephone and then the gyn left for three weeks holidays. The phone call was five minutes long and there was no offer to meet with me upon his return from holidays. You have cancer, see you later I'm off on vacation. Come see me in three months instead of the four I originally told you. This is definately a LESS than ideal way to be told this kind of news. I met with my family doctor about two weeks later to see what the path report said, and he assured me that everything would be fine from this point on and to continue with the monitoring from the gyn. However, I too was/am very concerned because this was also my first ever abnormal pap. I even phoned a doctor I used to see in another province four years ago to confirm my pap then was normal (I had two more paps between June 2000 and Feb 2004). So, it looks like mine was sudden onset as well. And I have a hard time when they give you the lines about good paps, false negatives etc.

I went to my first follow up appointment at the end of September. I didn't have my husband come along because I thought they would just do a pap and send me on my way. Instead, I got the speech before the exam that if he found any cell changes he would be recommending hysterectomy. Knocked the wind out of me. Then he did the exam - pap, colpo then biopsy (because he saw some suspicious cells) and ECC. After my exam, he left on holidays again. I fretted for a week about hysterectomy. all the tests came back negative, which is a good thing, but when he called to tell me this, he couldn't remember what my original problem was! When I told him, he told me it would be fine for me to come back in six months. I asked him if we could explore the hysterectomy route and he told me that was too radical, and that because it would be considered elective, it would be many months before it could be done. At that point I actually wanted one. My husband works away from home during the summer months, and the thought of this stuff coming back while he's away and if they tell me I need a hysterectomy? We have two kids, ages 3 and 2 - what would I do with them?

I was never given any kind of stage, I'm not sure if he consulted with a gyn-oncologist, he has basically said it's all gone and has brushed me off. this is the extent of the information I was given by my doctor. All the other information I have learned as I have searched it out on the internet and joined a few boards and groups that deal specifically with this kind of thing. I really feel like the "personal" touch was missing throughout my journey this summer. My husband was away with work and not able to come home. I have no family in my area, and one friend that I chose to tell has not spoken to me since. My sister was able to come out for four days when I had my LEEP, and my mom came out for a week at the end of June. Other than that, virtually on my own. It has been a trying year.

So, now that I've poured my heart out...thank you so much for posting those statistics - I have read them, but it is reassuring to hear from someone who is going through this. I hope that we fall outside of that .2% and never again experience a reoccurance of this nasty disease. I am trying to stay positive (very hard for a glass is half empty kind of girl ;) ), and have started a positive thoughts journal for the new year. It has thrown my life into a temporary tailspin, however, I will emerge a stronger and better person because of it. Thanks again for your very informative post.


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