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Scaredone - so sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. Please don't beat yourself up about the length of time between your doctors visits. It is something that has happened and you can't change it now, there is no sense in worrying about it. Just be thankful that you went to your new doctor when you did. Hopefully the conization will be the treatment for you, and you won't require anything else other than regular follow up. Your doc probably wants a good look taken at the tissue before giving you a recommendation for proceeding with a pregnancy. Most likely to ensure she achieved clear margins - meaning no bad cells were left behind. I too had a LEEP cone listed in my report - I was told I was having a LEEP - who knows, sometimes it seems like they just can't get any more confusing with all the terminology???!!!!??? That is a frustration for me. My LEEP removed a 1cm X 1.2cm chunk of cervix. Your path report should give you an indication of the amount of tissue you had removed. Are you collecting your path reports? I recommend it...sometimes you see things in there that the doc doesn't feel is necessary to inform you of (in my case - HPV...). As far as further treatment, if the biopsy comes back showing severe dysplasia or even a microinvasion, I would guess they may try again with the conization. You may get the suggestion of a hysterectomy. I know of a procedure called a trachelectomy (sp?) that involves the removal of the cervix only. This allows you to keep your uterus. That means you could possibly still carry a child. There have been cases of women having children when they do not have a cervix - don't ask me for all the details, but I'm sure if you do a general search on the procedure you would find more information. Even with a repeat cone, you shouldn't be overly concerned about whether or not you'd be able to carry a child. They would put a stitch called a cerclage in to keep the cervix from opening. This is done actually more than you would actually think. Women who have incompetant cervixes (meaning the cervix won't stay closed) are given a cerclage and put on bed rest for their pregnancy.

I know it is hard to keep yourself positive as you sit and wait for results to come in. You have every worst fear running through your mind and feel like you have absolutely no control over anything. It is especially difficult when you have been under the impression that all was going to turn out well and then they hit you from behind saying "well, we'll have to wait and see...." I am learning to take what my doctors say with a grain or two of salt. I am still struggling with how my doc can be acting like the world is going to end one minute, then one month later brushing me off like I haven't had anything to worry about at all.

I hope you hear back re: your results sooner than later - it is so hard waiting. I hope this has helped you a little bit. I'll be thinking of you and looking for your next post.


PS - Oh, and I'm always tired :yawn: LOL Your body may just be trying to get some rest to promote the healing. Or it could be reacting to the stress of having to wait for results - I know that is my own body's coping mechanism.

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