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Its common to have problems like that unfortunately. DO NOT ACCEPT IT. One time is too many. If they are not prepared with ALL your info at hand, they should not call you - until they do. The DR should call you back within 24 hours if you call and leave a message. Your results should be faxed to you SAME day if you request. Its that simple. If it happens one time, kindly say you are not comfortable with the level of service and as this is your health, you will be taking yourself to a new doctor. If its really bad, I would even write a letter to their practice and possibly even report the dr. I would never want anyone else to go through that same thing, and if a letter' wakes' the Dr up its worth it.

You should ALWAYS get all info on you IMMEDIATELY. And copies of everything, they HAVE to provide it. If you have a release, there is no reason why this should be an issue at all.

This is your health and your emotional state all wrapped up in one. There is no reason you shoudl settle with less than great service, and a caring dr/ and staff. ITs stressful enough with the abnormalities! Dont ever sit and take that type of thing, its SO worth it to bring your records to a new dr, explain the situation and go where you feel comfortable and informed.

Oh and about the coplos - i literally CRY FROM A PAPERCUT :) and it was TOTALLY fine. Sure it was crampy, and the speculum isnt the best thing in the world, but i would NEVER say its painful. Just a little 'ugh, cramps, " When they take the sample, its just pressure and you hear a snap, and thats it. The key is relaxing and not tensing up. I layed down on a heating pad and took asprin after and felt fine, no pain, just some watery discharge.

Good luck!!!

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