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I just had a LEEP done at an outpatient surgery center yesterday, much to my suprise it seems as if I had general anesthesia. Originally the office nurse had told me that I would be sedated a 'little' for the procedure. I had assumed it would be some sort of twilight sleep, conscious sedation, or something like that. Anyways, they did tell me to not eat or drink before I came in.

Long story short, in pre-op they had given me some sort of combo of versed and something else I can't remember. Then they wheel me into the OR, get me positioned, put a heart monitor on my back, put an oxygen mask on me, and then I went to sleep.
I was out for about an hour and a half !! wow. very strange, I had never been put under before.
I woke up and the oxygen mask was still on me.

Anyways, I asked the nurse if I had general anesthesia, she looked at the chart and said yes. Does that mean I had to have a tube in my throat??
(I forgot to ask her that, although I don't know if she would have known the answer, she was just the post op nurse)
My throat was not sore., and I did not have nausea.

Can you have general anesthesia that just makes you go to sleep for 1-2 hrs but does not shut down your breathing(and require a breathing tube)???
I am trying to figure out what happened here, I wish they would have explained it more to me. I have always thought that with general anesthesia, you pretty much lose control of your own breathing functions,.. that kinda freaks me out.
yeah thats probably what I had too. thanks for the responses,.
I like to know what happens during all these procedures, its kinda frustrating to not know all the details, and then I don't think of the questions until later,.
I thought that general anesthesia was a little overkill for the LEEP, but in retrospect, I guess its ideal to have the patient completelly still during the LEEP.

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