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I had general anesthesia with my LEEP. , although I did not realize it was going to be general until that day. It was my first time with going to sleep like that., and actually, it was kinda interesting going thru all that, just to see what it was like. My doctor does all her LEEPs that way., so I sorta felt like I had no choice in the matter, although I did not ask to have it done in the office, either.

The one thing that kinda bugs me is that its going to be an expensive bill. My insurance gives me a certain amount of money($2000) to spend each year, and when that is gone, then it comes outta my pocket for awhile, up to a certain limit. When they wheeled me into the OR, I counted 4 people including my doctor and an anesthesiologist, I thought to myself, 'there goes my PCA account'

But, when all was said and done, I tend to think that general is a bit much for such a simple procedure, (which mine was). If I have to have another LEEP, I think I will ask to have it done in the office, for financial reasons.

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