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I've posted this on a few other boards now, but going under is actually MUCH preferable to staying awake. I've read some stories about people who can smell their flesh burning, people who have shakes, people who haven't been properly anesthetized in their cervical regions (and have had to have MULTIPLE injections to their cervix which they can FEEL)... it all sounds a HELLUVA lot more scary when you just do it as a hospital procedure under general.

For me, I stressed out about my LEEP for no reason at all. It was a day procedure at the hospital (I was also put under) and I was only out for about half an hour or 45 minutes. They don't do anything freaky to you (I reckon getting a local anaesthetic injection to your cervix WHILE AWAKE is a helluva lot scarier! Then again, I hate injections). In fact, the ONLY thing they did to me was stick a little tube in my hand (didn't even really hurt) and they told me they were putting in the anaesthetic, and the last thing I remembered before I woke up was asking the doctor if it would hurt afterwards. Then I woke up, and I was being wheeled to the recovery room (you don't even feel yourself starting to fall asleep).

The operation only took about 15 minutes. (And I actually got other stuff done too -- I had vulval warts and some microscopic ones that the doc took care of also) and afterwards I felt NOTHING. I had no side effects -- didn't even feel any cramping like some people did. I couldn't believe I'd actually had surgery!!!!!!!! They let me rest for a while in the recovery room -- I was sleepy. Then they gave me a pad (which I note I didn't really end up bleeding much on... maybe the same amount of blood that you'd get from like the VERY first and lightest day of your period) and fed me a sandwich in a room with comfy recliners and a TV!

I think the worst thing about this was stressing over it. I was so scared.. I'm only 22 and I've never had any sort of surgery. I was also afraid of not waking up after the general, but I spoke to the nurse (she was sooooo nice) and she said that first of all, you're only under a VERY light general 'cos it's only for like 45 minutes... so the chances of any side effects were MINIMAL. ALSO, she had been doing her job for 40 years and they see like hundreds of patients a day, and she's only had ONE person not wake up... AND... they woke up eventually anyway.

So you see, there's nothing to be afraid of -- it's actually a great excuse to have everyone around you do stuff for you, like make you food, do all your chores... while you lie in bed relaxing, feeling NO effects from any sort of surgery at all.

Some women say they do feel cramping, but nothing worse than like on a normal period. They also do sort of put something down your throat while you're in the operating theatre, but nowadays they have something that doesn't go to your vocal cords and only sort of sits above the larynx -- which is good for me, seeing as though I'm a singer.

I think the GREAT danger about this all is that you feel so NORMAL and you feel like absolutely NOTHING, that you over-exert yourself. Make sure you don't do any heavy lifting or any sort of exercise for like at LEAST a couple of weeks after your procedure. I was so tempted to play sport and walk my dog, 'cos I didn't even feel like anything was wrong! Plus, it was hard to explain to my badminton coach why I couldn't come to practice (I wasn't about to tell him I'd had cervical surgery!)

Let me know how everything goes for you! Let me know if you have any other questions about my LEEP experience :) Good luck!

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