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Hi, my biopsy result just came back. Displasia on 2 area (CIN1-2). Dr. insisted that I get laser treatment, she has the laser machine at her office. Got 2 questions, need your advice:

(1) Is laser treatment appropriate for mild to moderate displasia?
(2) I'll be getting the laser treatment 2 weeks after biopsy. Did anyone of you have had treatment right after biopsy? Is 2 weeks enough time for the cervix to heal from biopsy and receive a treatment?

Thanks for your input.

Is the laser treatment a LEEP. I had the biopsy during then end of November and then I had my LEEP this past Wednesday. I think your cervix needs more than two weeks to heal. I believe they say to wait at least 4 weeks to have sex or use tampons after the biopsy. I could be wrong but thats what my Dr. told me.....let me know if you need to talk about this further. :)
No, the laser is not a LEEP. I also thought that cervix needs more than 2 weeks to heal. I feel like my dr. is rushing me to do it. She has a laser machine in her office, and I have PPO insurance. Could that be the reason why? I just don't know whether to believe her or not.
I had my leep 2 weeks after my colpo and he said that my cervix healed very nicely. I think it should be ok to do. Your cervix doesn't actually take that long to heal, but doctors usually say not to have sex/use tampons for a couple weeks just to be safe.

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