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I had a vaginal ultrasound done about a year ago and I was scared too. There is no reason to be. The instrument that they insert is no bigger around than a tampon. The person who performed mine was very nice. She let me put the instrument in. I was totally covered from head to toe and she just had her arm under the sheet. It really was no big deal at all. No more uncomfortable than a pap smear. So dont worry and keep your appointment. You'll be glad you did. Hope it goes well for you and I hope this helps you.

I have had 4 vaginal ultrasounds because of cysts. They do not hurt at all and are actually more comfortable than a pap smear! The rod (don't know what to call it?) has a rounded end and is only about 1 inch in diamater. The technician will put a condom over it and then KY jelly so it will slide in easily. It is really no big deal so do not be scared at all!!!

good luck....summer

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