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Lauri8, I can completely understand your anxiety - my next appointment is not until march, yet I am already tied up in knots. My first pap after leep came back normal, the march appt will be my second follow up. So, I can't personally give you the reassurance you were asking for, but I do know that my aunt went through several laser treatments for CIN 3 years ago (like 20), but she no longer has any issues with cell changes. I think she said she went through 3 or four treatments for it? So, it is definately very possible to have clear paps for a long period of time. But we still have to be diligent about our follow ups. I think the chances of recurrance are actually quite low, especially if they get it all with the first LEEP procedure. I hope that all of us experience that same success - it goes away and never comes back!


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