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Hi everyone. I am new to this board also and have spent the last couple of days looking at the information ... very helpful. I am 34 years old and had my first abnormal pap in September. Pap indicated HSIL and epithelial cell abnormality. I had a colpo in November and was very shocked that it took my doctor nearly 2 months to get back with results. One of the three biopsy came back with HSIL (CIN 3) but could not rule out squamous cell carcinoma entirely. The other two biopsy locations (endocervix and 6 oclock Cervix) had no evidence of dysplasia. I just went for my Leep yesterday ... and will hound my doctor for results in 10 days.

I just want to be informed. What does the Leep show? What do the results indicate? Can anyone help me decipher my pathology findings from the colpo -- as noted above. My doctor said it is one stage below cancern, but I can't seem to get enough answers from her. What are the implications of CIN 3? What is difference between in situ squamous cell carcinoma and HSIL? How do you know if LEEP is succesful? And what are the other procedures if it is not?

I will likely be looking for another GYN after I receive my Leep results. I just want to be prepared and Informed.

Sorry for the long thread.

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