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Hi, I'm 33 and also had a large ovarian cystic tumor (size 10cm x 7cm x 8cm). I had surgery in May and it was found to be a borderline ovarian cancer. I was lucky this cancer is usually only treated with surgery and has less than a 5% chance of returning.
Before I had my ultrasound I was extremely tired and had horrible gas and pain on my left side that was worse at night, especially if I laid on that side. I made certain to get a copy of all my bloodwork, ultrasounds reports, operative reports, pathology, etc. It's important that you know what's in the report. I found that dr's don't exactly tell you everything, my dr. failed to mention the ultrasound report indicated the radiologist thought it was cancer. They usually have a good idea if it looks suspcious, so, I was quite shocked when I got a copy of the report. It's also important that you don't get too excited. I also did a lot of research. With your history of endo and cysts the "mass" could be either of these things. It could be a choc cyst (a blood filled cyst that is actually endometrisis) can look like a mass on an ultrasound. Ovarian cancer is really uncommon while cysts are much more common. It could also be a benign mass which is common for women in your age group. My pain was worse about a week before my period otherwise all I felt was pressure from the tumor and the odd stabbing pain. My gyn exam was very painful. I was told that endo and regular cysts could also elevate a CA125 (mine was 66 before surgery - normal is from 1-35). If they can't tell if the mass is suspicious or not ask for a CT scan or a PET scan. Also, if they suspect cancer or want you to have surgery ask for a referral to a gynologist oncologist first - I can't stress how important that is! I saw two gyn and the first one told me before examining me "Relax, you don't have cancer!" I got a second opinion right away. A Gyn Oncologist is a must if surgery is recommended. Ovarian cancer surgery can be very complicated and gyn oncologists have THE BEST survival rates.

Opps, I didn't mean for this post to be this long!

Anyway, I hope I helped you, please let us know how you're doing and you're in my thoughts!


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