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Ovarian Cancer ?
Sep 22, 2002
To Whom this may concer.

I am having my husband write this as I have no knowledge of the internet.

I have had period where they have been spotted, not there, or bleeding profusely for the last year.

My last pelvic ultrasound was July 29th, 2002 which came back normal. Since then I have had three operations regarding the above condition. By August I'll say in the middle, my condition went totally down hill. I have had severe abdominal and pelvic cramps since then. One of my operations was a D/C which was supposed to regulate my period. By September 9th, I was bundled up with severe abdominal and pelvic pain. I called my doctor who in fact gave the message to the nurse. She told me to hold on two more days when I was to receive my yearly physical. Cindy who performed my physical found something unusual in my cervical examination. She then reordered a pelvic ultrasound alond with other lab tests. Because I am a nurse, she called on Sept. 16th and wanted me to come in to the office. I refused and wanted to know what was wrong with me. She called me back and said, my left ovary was twice the size as my left cervic sonagram. She didn't want to do this do to the stress it would probably cause me without coming into the office. She also ordered a bunch of lab work and my yearly pap smear. She told me on the phone do to my persistence of feeling so lousy, my left ovary is twice the size, 5.3 (centimeters ?) that I may be facing ovarian cancer, so for 4 days I had to wait to see the doctor. Once I seen him, he gave me two options. Even though my blood tests of the CA-125 tumor marker came back ok, it still wasn't good enough. He said that he could not give me a 100% diagnosis that this would not be ovarian cancer. His second plan was to put me on 'birth control' pills which I declined, to hopefully shrink the tumor. He said either I could set up for surgery now or wait two months and repeat the pelvic ultrasound. Hopefully it would have shrunk on its own, despite the fact that I declinded the 'birth control pills'. From May 16th untill Sept. 15th of 2002, I finally received a period. Now it's over and I still have severe cramps and my abdomin is bloated.

Do I listen to him or as a nurse, seek out a second opinion? He told me that repeating the two months pelvic ultrasound would make no differnce one way or the other if it was cancer. Can you please give me any information as I am scared out of my mind ??? I am only 44 yrs. old but do have one of the signs of cancer regarding the fact that I have never had children. I also want to say that I did have an atopic pregnancy back in 1982 and I forget which tube they removed. Please help !!! What would you do if you were me ???


Julie Ann

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