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I keep running across references to the birth control pill being a factor in developing CIN from HPV. I have been on the pill for 2 1/2 years, which isn't particularly long, but I believe it's enough time to do some damage. I'm not a big fan of the pill, and my endocrinologist believes that it's sent me into a state similar to menopause. It seems as if there's a big question, though, about whether it's the pill itself causing an increase vulnerability to HPV/CIN or if it's just because women on the pill tend to have more frequent unprotected sex, therefore contributing to the higher risk for contracting HPV and developing CIN.

Personally, I think my being on the pill has lowered my immune system significantly, which I believe can account for why I've developed LGSIL so suddenly, after years of normal paps and a monagomous relationship. Does anyone else here have similar suspicions?

Also, can anyone comment on what suppliments are good to take for LGSIL/CIN? I'm increasing my folic acid and B6, only because I already know that the pill has stripped my body of those two things in particular (oddly enough, two very important things that help keep the immune system functioning). I heard that selenium is good, as well. Anything else?


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